Squaw Creek Refuge Count

Refuge just posted a count of 741k snow geese.


The weather forecast shows a cool down for Fri-Wed. Then normal temp (low 40’s) for the rest of the 10 days. I don’t put much faith in the 10 day because is wrong as much as it is right but I don’t see much movement north if this hold true.

It would appear that with the weird weather pattern this year and the lack of food because of the 65-100 degree days this summer that the birds are not real interested in staging where we were planning on running hunts. There is one area in KS that we are planning on checking and is suppose to be holding a fairly large number of birds but if we have to move I’m more inclinded to move to Mound City were I have the ground and more birds. I think Squaw Creek is holding this many birds due to the snow storm that hit NE pushing them out of the rain water basin. Once the snow melts I fear they will move into Nebraska again.