We Surrender To 2020

We raised the white snow goose flag to the 2020 snow goose season. Both Saturday and Sunday were slow; the rosey 10-day forecast turned to snow Saturday morning. Thankfully we didn’t get the 3-6 inches they predicted Friday. It is always a crapshoot hunting snow geese in the snow. We have had good hunts in the snow, but most of the time is slows our success, which was the case this past weekend.  

Sunday morning the geese flew a different line from roosts than they had been. After picking up all of our gear for a slow morning hunt, and then loading the trailers for the drive back to Decorah Monday morning, Aaron called to thank the farmers whose ground we hunted. One asked if we would take his grandson hunting in the morning. We said sure, but all our gear is in the trailer, and it would be best if we could hunt one of his fields under that flight line, he was okay with that plan. The guides dug the gear back out, set the field, and they ended the morning with 47 birds.