Youth Duck Day

Today is youth duck hunting. So far this morning the guides are sitting around drinking coffee and telling stories. After 18 years of guiding we have some favorites that we like to tell often. One of the first years I started guiding hunters an older guy told me I should keep a journal of all of the stuff that happens. Looking back I kind of wish I followed that advice. Lots of funny, crazy, and sometimes unbelievable things have happened over the years. We have a few little things to take care of but mostly we will relax and catch up on sleep.

There is a bunch of birds around right now. I’m watching a feed outside our window as I’m typing. There was a ton of birds that came back south yesterday. I had reports that both Lovewell and Squaw Creek had birds in the area. I imagine with the cold weather some of those have now heading back south. Sounds like back home they could get a bunch of snow.

It is always hard to book hunters around the youth duck hunt weekend. We will have a few groups out. I think the rest of us are going to do a guide’s hunt in one of the open fields on Sunday.

Meeting time is 4:30 am for those coming in Sunday & Monday.