Youth Duck Hunt Today

Today is the youth duck hunt. We have the day off but will back in the fields with a vengeance tomorrow. So far this year, the hunting has been like a pretty average snow goose season. An average season is good hunting.

In the first seven days of the season, we have an overall average of 18.4 snow geese per field per day; this includes a few hunts in which the guys only hunted a couple of hours due to some fairly heavy rain. If we go into the field, I count that in our average. Our high field shot 70 snow geese. The low field shot a 0, there were 3 of those, all the same cold, rainy day, and most were done well before noon. The 70 bird field and the 0’s happened the same day.

How does this year compare to the first seven days of previous years? 2015 – 1402, 2016 – 608, 2017 – 1125, 2018 – 1869, 2019 – 312, 2020 – 827. As you can see, this year is in the middle of the road, two years we got off to a better start, two years we did worst.  I don’t have records of the weather over this timeframe, but that can have a huge effect on how well we do or don’t do. We had three days of clouds and rain in the first seven. Those are not “ideal” spring snow goose weather. We are also running one less field this year than some of the years listed. I think this is going to be a pretty good season overall. I’m happy with how the birds have been working the decoy spreads, and I think that is just going to get better.

Your guide will contact those hunting tomorrow and Monday. I will also send you a text message with the guide’s contact info. Give them a little time to get a hold of you. It is usually about 8 pm before everybody is back at the house. If you don’t hear from them by 9 pm, call them, if you can’t get a hold of them, call me at 563-382-0530 (home).